RAK Solution provides consulting, software development, and managed services solutions to help clients optimize their Contact Center, Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management capabilities. We use our project management and business process expertise to help clients manage their People, Processes and Systems at peak performance levels – with the goal of maximizing customer and employee experiences. We pride ourselves on our partnership with the best technology providers in the business. The combination of industry-leading technology platforms and innovative processes allows us to provide our customers with the most competitive solutions.

Our Products

Education ERP
We offer complete education ERP for all small and large educational institutes. It's web base application specially designed for controlling franchises from head office. Application has following module which are fully integrated with each other.It has complete right management system to define customize user roles.
  • Student Module
  • Examination System
  • Fee/Receipt Module
  • Accounts
  • Humane Resource
  • SMS
Vehicle Tracking ERP
We have designed this ERP for Vehicle Tracking industry which has tremendous features serves our client under one window.Our product comprise of 3 main modules those performs their role independently.Our ERP supports all main vendors like Gosafe, Taltonika, AOT, GPS(VT02 , VT05) and concox.
  • MIS
  • Alert Console
  • WebTracking Portal
Accounting System
It’s a double entry accounting system. It’s web application having very useful features that normally accounting system didn’t have. It has fully rights management system through that you can hold full control of users and their activities. You can manage different companies in this system. If group have more than one company that group manage their accounts and user data in one single module. Users of different companies see only their data and figures and we can create one user who can see figures of those companies and generate analysis reports(under construction) mean to say that user manage more than 1 company data.
  • Dynamic Vouchers
  • Nth Level Chart Of Accounts
  • Searching Transaction on many parameters
  • Fiscal Period Close/Open
  • Allocation of specific COA part to any user group
  • Journal Voucher
  • Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Chart Of Account Report
  • Monthly Expense Report
  • Analysis Expense Report
  • Voucher List

Our Products

Humane Resource System
This module is used to manage all employees of the company.User can easily maintain and record their employees detail and different kind of information like salary , attendance , leaves ,Resignation, advance etc. Biometric attendance applicable in this module and salary generation on the base of monthly attendance.
  • Employee Registration
  • Salary & Perks
  • Attendance (Biometric)
  • Advance Request
  • Arrear Entry
  • Apply Deduction
  • Overtime Entry
  • Holiday Entry
  • Relaxation Minutes Entry
  • Advance List
  • Attendance Report/Daily Attendance Report
  • Branch Balance Disclosure
  • Employee Deduction List
  • Employee List
  • Present Report
  • Salary Slip
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Status Report
  • Over Time List
Point Of Sale (POS)
POS is our most famous product among small business market which is economical and cost effective.Its desktop application and have tremendous feature relevant to inventory and accounts.Its supports sale, purchase, sale and purchase return and accounts operations. Current stock report shows the status of stock that helps to maintains the minimum level of products.
  • Poducts
  • Sale Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sale Return
  • Purchase Return
  • Current Stock
  • Daily Book

Our Product Features

Runtime Customize Web Portal

Software As A Service(SAAS)

Analytical Reports

Cloud Base Software

SMS Integration

Send fee reminders, attendance status, result cards, promotional messages and many other reports with just a few clicks.

24/7 Monitoring by Executives

Now Director, principals and school owners can keep in touch with latest insightful data maintained in this school management software.

Highly customizable

Create your own fee types, fee terms, fine rules, discount rules, exam types, carry forward marks calculations and much more.

Safe & Secure

Highly secure system with controlled access over each feature to hide from any user. Daily backups are taken in 2 different countries.